Our Service

Maruthi Money Exchange is the best place for all your money transaction needs. We provide honest and reliable services for all your financial needs such as World Wide Money Transfer, Cheque Cashing and currency exchange at exceptionally low rates.

Money Transfer

Two unique methods to send and receive money transfers from almost anywhere in the globe. Reliable, convenient and affordable! That’s what Maruthi Money Exchange services gives you.

Currency Exchange

Convert to the currency of your choice* using up-to-date exchange rates. With exchange rates constantly fluctuating, use our currency converter to see the current exchange rate

Cheque Cashing

Avoid cheque holds and get your money fast. We provide instant, hassle-free and convenient cheque cashing services at affordable rates. Whether you’re an individual or a small business, come into our office and turn your cheque into cash, instantly.

Western Union Money Transfer

This method being the leader in the Global payment Services will help you to receive money easily whenever you want. This is the fastest way to receive money. It helps to move money - to help grow economies and realize a better world.


We are Central Bank Authorized Money Exchange Dealers with a trusted service for over 12 years. We offer an excellent rate of exchange on all your regular payments,We customize our services according to your need, our ultimate goal is to save you as much money as possible.